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Jennifer, owner and coach at Baach City Fitness in Penticton BC

Jennifer Metituk


Jennifer Metituk is thrilled to be part of the Beach City Fitness family. She moved to beautiful Penticton three years ago for the lifestyle and proximity to water, which reminds her of living in New Zealand.

Before making Penticton her home, Jennifer was a coach in gymnastics, basketball, swimming, and diving. After taking the Level 1 Fitness course, she started training at Beach City. When Jason Reynen offered her the opportunity to own the gym, she couldn’t say no. The location is so special that it makes training easy, even on the tough days.

Jennifer loves the energy that a great class brings, as people interact and move together. A memorable success story for her was teaching a member how to climb a rope – it was a first for both of them! Her background in coaching different sports, especially gymnastics, has given her a strong understanding of the fundamentals, making it easier to communicate and teach effectively. She appreciates that Fitness combines many disciplines, keeping the workouts interesting and engaging.

Jennifer’s vision for Beach City Fitness is to create a place where people go to get fit, be challenged, and have fun. She has introduced the entry-level Sweat45 class to offer the benefits of regular strength training to those who might not want to engage in traditional functional fitness, thinking of people like her mom and friends. Jennifer wants everyone to feel comfortable and excited about trying new things at the gym.

Outside of the gym, Jennifer loves taking photos, capturing the beautiful moments in and around Penticton.

Ron Turner CrossFit L2 at Beach City Fitness Penticton BC

Ron Turner

Head Coach

Ron is a veteran in Fitness, having competed in team regionals in 2012 and 2013, he has an extensive knowledge of Fitness training methodology. Ron is also an accomplished Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting coach with numerous athletes in provincial and national level. Ron has a sports background in college basketball. Outside of the gym you can find Ron being a family man and taking care of his three daughters.

Samantha Pham CrossFit L1 and trainer at Beach City Fitness in Penticton

Sam Pham

CFL1 Coach

Sam started Fitness and it changed her life and she became a Fitness trainer to do the same for people just like her. She coaches some of the early morning classes so come say hi.

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